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 Open space - Hunting

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PostSubject: Open space - Hunting   Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:26 pm

Open space event :
Rewards given away on twitch.

Rewards given away to the KILLER of a pilot, in the main group.

Concept :

Streamers :
the streamers will be giving away games

Ingame :
Fly around in open space in a wing (that need to be killd completly) protected by 2 other wings.
one or 2 streamers in the main wing that streams the posision of the main group with there 2 supporting wings.
(so that the streamers get more involved with the ingame stuff, and can also be used to find the event in open space.
and to get more people to come and look at the streams)
the members of the main group cant come back into the event if they get killd .
so the event keeps on going untill the last members of the main group is killd.
the guarding wings can respawn as mush as they want. the downfall of it is they need to fly all the way back to the sector they where in.

Rewards : 8 people in the main wing = 8 games that will be given away
Meaning : if u make a kill u get the game listed in the list ( 1st kill , 1st game. second kill = second game, and so on..)
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Open space - Hunting
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