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 The Underground Tournaments : Arena Wx-42 <> Tournament : Be The Zombie ! & Win 50 € !

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PostSubject: The Underground Tournaments : Arena Wx-42 <> Tournament : Be The Zombie ! & Win 50 € !   Sat Jun 18, 2016 6:43 pm

< Tournament Concept + Rules >

Concept :

I would like to host a tournament inside this game, the idea is to play as a zombie.
The person who played the best as being a zombie will be rewarded with 50€ of games of your selection on the steam store.
This means you either buy one game with it or 10 it's all the same for me.
How will this work? I as "the tournament host" will buy you your selected games and i will send them over to you as a gift.
Why would i like to do this in this way? Because my steam purchase history can be used as proof that i'm a man of my word.

Everyone that would like to join in this "Tournament" will play for beeing the best "Zombie".
This means that everyone will be devided in groups by a random bracket system (http://challonge.com/).
From that moment when the groups are made, everyone plays the zombie match untill your match is over.
A screenshot will be made to prove the score you have.
This will be done by yourself & Tournament host / moderator.
After everyone played his match, we will compare the scores.
and the best zombie of every group continues untill theres only one player left !!
If we do not have enuff players to make multiple groups then the tournament is very simple, same rules just ended quicker without any groups.
In this tournament the score as playing a "Human" DOUZ NOT COUNT !!
Regardless if your playing on PC - Xbox One - PS4. Everyone is welcome to participate.
But to recieve the reward, you need a "Active Steam Account".
Without having a steam account your still welcome to battle for : Honnor - Glory & Respect.

Streaming :

Option 1). To be able to stream the whole event we aither use steam and request the players who can to stream there own games so we can watch and restream this over twitch.

Option 2). A streamer joins every match that will be played and helps the human team. Althow you can ask yourself questions in how well will he play. and douz he support the humans aswell as any other player.

Option 3). we combine these 2 options regarding what that player can handle with his pc. If he cant stream true steam we can place the streamer in his team.

Payment :

Your reward can only be given true steam. For this u'll need an active steam account !!

Warning up infront : When you create a steam account, when you dont have one yet.
Do understand that your account will only be active after you bought somthing of 5€.
After thats done your account is activated and ready to recieve any gift out there.

Date & Time :

Saturday 30/07/2016 @ 00.00 - 24.00 (UTC+01:00) Brussel, Kopenhagen, Madrid, Parijs
(For thows living in Central EU, this just means Saturday @ midnight.)
Timer - http://scut.forumoti...ight-tournament

At this time we start rounding up the people who wanned to play, so that we can start an hour later and that everything is set. If we can start sooner, we start sooner. But then atleast people have an hour that they can be later. If your still not here after that hour. YOUR OUT !!

< Sign Up >

If you already want to join in just because you like the idea or just wanna grab the cash.
you can visit us and sign your self up in this link.


< Steam Group >


< Introduction Movies >

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The Underground Tournaments : Arena Wx-42 <> Tournament : Be The Zombie ! & Win 50 € !
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