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 Fortnite - Last Survivor - 500€

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PostSubject: Fortnite - Last Survivor - 500€   Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:07 am

Last Survivor

Date & Time : Will be decided after 30 days for sign up, from today's date when this post was created until 06-nov-2017 the sign ups stay open.

Sign Up : http://scut.board-directory.net/t28-fortnite-last-survivor-sign-up

Concept :

Depending on how many live streamers sign up to this tournament, will be the outcome of how many rounds will be played.

50 players = 1 round
100 players = 1 round
200 players = 2 rounds - Everyone gets pointed to a server where you will play on. The first 50 players advance of each round leaving 100 players total. Then you play the final match.
300 players and above - Every 25 first players advance until we finished all sign ups. Tournament ends then.

To keep it simple as to concept "Battle Royale" says it all, i don't think i need to add more then this. Last one standing wins the price we offer as a community.

Now to the price itself : 500€ / 584.79$ @ date 06-10-2017 time 11:51 UTC+1 Central Europe Time Zone.

As streamers i understand that you guys are respectful people, respected by your own community and others.
Do to this fact i request :

- Fair gameplay
- No cheating of any sort, of course
- Keep your respect at all times, on your own stream you are free to say what ever there is on your mind.
- To avoid people spectating on your own stream put the streaming delay on 1m or so..
- If you have any other idea's feel free to add them.

This event is organized pure for fun, sportsmanship and love for gaming & streaming.
By the fact that we "The Underground Tournaments" are a community on our own and gift the price money to the winner, we cannot be held responsible for any miss understanding or other reasons that could make people unhappy and would find any sort of reason to lawsuit us.
We are willing to listen to every complaint and we will try to work it out within means of possible.
To offer you the most fun and pleasure as well as fair gameplay, we might still slightly adjust the tournament concept and rules.

Poster invite :

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Fortnite - Last Survivor - 500€
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