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 King of the Server AKA King of the Hill

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PostSubject: King of the Server AKA King of the Hill   Tue May 27, 2014 1:01 am

A tournaent that repeats its self every Friday. and its kinda like king of the hill, but then king of the server.
Every corp can battle the leading corp for the crown... when u win u with your squad emidiatly get the server.
(and u need to stay in there untill, aether the play time of the tournament is over or untill your defeated)
If there or no other opponents the same corp can keep on battling.

Squad size : 4 to 8 Players (or how many there or online at that time.)
Tier : T4

How long last this event ?
Every Friday for 1h30min

When ?
Random (but every friday.)
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King of the Server AKA King of the Hill
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